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  • Loic Hilaire Designer Portrait
    "Because creation is above all a matter of understanding”

    Loïc Hilaire has grown and evolved in a multicultural environment that continues to enrich and nourish him on a daily basis.

    In 2006, he discovered design and production methods at the University of Technology and Mechanical Engineering of Franche Comté (Besançon). Strongly attracted to the Plastic Arts since his early childhood, he ended this study by turning to Designer studies at the International School of Design in Toulon (EID) which later became the famous Kedge Design School. He finished with a Master’s degree in Product Design.

    Thanks to his meetings and professional projects in different design agencies, he developed his own style which draw the attention of two well known watchmakers. Trained and influenced by his two mentors within the revolutionary Slyde Watch brand, and combining technique, harmony and excellence, he acquired the necessary skills to evolve in the luxury industry.

    Always in movement, his creation are touching the very nature of our emotions. Result of an artistic and technical symbiosis. Accustomed to the requirements of the luxury industry, he decides to focus his vision and expertise into a general design approach. This one being dedicated to product and brand innovation for various companies and institutes.