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  • Vimanas

    Built and developed in Geneva, the ‘Vimanas – Mark I’ is a truly something else and turns your imagination on fire.

    This lamp, straight out of Loïc Hilaire’s mind, is inspired by his taste for science fiction. Every little detail has been deeply thought through and ends up in a beautiful item.

    Made in only 10 pieces, the lamp itself is made out of oak beam powder coming from a hundred years old chalet. It’s three black anodised stainless steel feet makes it very stable.

    Delivered with a 4W LED, it shines up to 200 lumen and 1800 kelvin for a beautiful and warm light.

    This lamp is made my hand by the very talented woodworker Aymerick Basire ‘Veyabois’.


    100 years of aging
    10 parts
    280 working hours


    Wideness: 210 mm
    Hight: 240 mm


    Product design
    3D modeling
    Project follow-up